As mentioned in my previous post, for the art benefit silent auction pieces I wrote a little story about  my mom to help show her personality for people who did not get the chance to meet her. 


Coming from a small town and a family consisting of 11 brothers and sisters, Delma grew up with very little, but she always had a urge to chase the sun and see the world. She worked hard from a very young age to achieve her dreams travelling to different areas of the globe instilling in me a love of travel and following the sun. I love continuing my mom's dreams and knowing that she is always with me in every adventure I embark on.


My mom and I had a tradition of leaving notes. Since she was usually in bed before me I would leave one for her to find in the wee hours of the morning before she went to work and each morning (without fail) I would awake to find a loving, funny, sarcastic note waiting for me.

Little did I know that when this first started it would be one of the things I missed the most about waking up without her.


If you knew my mom then you would know she loved ice cream, but she also had a bit of a potty mouth. I am not sure when her  love affair with ice cream started but it was engraved deeply within her soul. Growing up we always had at least 2 different flavors in our freezer, and each night after dinner and without fail my mom would ask “who wants ice cream?”.

 As for the swearing, it always took people who had just met my caring, sweet mom by surprise to learn that she had a mouth of a sailor but it was always used in a loving, sarcastic way to emphasize a point, followed by a smile and a twinkle in her eye. But who doesn’t like a little sour with their sweet?


My mom had two guilty pleasures (three if you counted the bookshelf full of Danielle Steele novels), and each one she liked to indulge herself in everyday, Young and the Restless & of course ice cream. Delma started watching YATR with her mom and continued to watch it up until her last days. She would come home from work, change into her comfy clothes and curl up on the couch to watch her show before making dinner. And by watch I mean fast forwarding through all the boring parts and only stopping to watch the characters she liked, making an hour episode last about 30 minutes. And Victor Newman? Talk about the ultimate guilty pleasure.


My mom grew up listening to 70/80’s rock and country music, so when she received James Blunt’s CD ‘Back to Bedlam’ my sisters and I didn’t think it would get much use. Little did we know that this was so wrong. For some reason Delma just loved this CD and listened to it over and over...and over again. It became so overplayed in our Windstar van that we would threaten to throw it out the window if she started playing it with us in the car. I have no idea where that CD is today but when I hear any song from this CD it brings me back to the van and watching my mom try to sing along to each song even though she could never remember the words.  


Delma loved her many nieces and nephews. They knew her as aunty Delma who always had gum, candy, kisses and hugs to give them, especially when they visited her at her work (Safeway). Here is a story that was sent to me from my cousin’s daughter who was 6 around the time this happened after my mom passed.

“The other day Kori and I were shopping at Safeway and at the check-out she says "this is Aunty Delmas store right mommy?" I say yup! She goes on telling me how she remembers how "she used to sneak us into her lunch room” and how “she always gave us gum!” Is her bench still here?" (after my mom passed the store she worked in put a bench outside with a plaque dedicated to her) So we walked by the bench not much was said but as we got past she started skipping thru the parking lot to the car. “

My Beautiful Mom <3

My Beautiful Mom <3