Delma: Art benefit for the Jean C Barber Lodge

A little information about the art benefit I had on June 2 benefiting the Jean C Barber Lodge.


This show was dedicated to my mom Delma, who lost her battle to cancer on February 6, 2014. Her war with cancer lasted seven years but never once slowed her down or ever got the best of her quick-witted, fiery personality.  My mom was always the first to smile, laugh, enjoy a great party, or "bleep" a wisecrack, which made her a great friend, co-worker and of course mom.

W H Y   T H E   J E A N  C  B A R B E R   L O D G E

My parents had to move to Vancouver for eight months in 2012 so my mom could undergo multiple rounds of chemo, bone marrow tests and radiation, as this was not offered on Vancouver Island. One thing we learnt while living here is that there is little support offered in the form of housing for patients from out-of-town. Most patients not only have to continue paying their mortgage back home but also need to pay rent in Vancouver, causing financial constraint and unnecessary stress.

The Jean C Barber Lodge tries to mitigate this by offering affordable accommodation
for out-of-town patients as well as providing meals, activities, and a 24-hour support system allowing patients to focus on their treatments and health, rather than worrying about the expensive costs of the city.

T H E   S H O W

I showcased and had for sale most of the resin art I’ve created in the past 4 months with 100% of net proceeds from the silent auction and 30% of all proceeds from the rest of the resin art going to supporting the Jean C Barber Lodge. For each silent auction piece I wrote a little story about my mom so people who attended and did not know her before could get a sense of her personality. These will be in the following post.