Life Overhaul PROGRAM

Have you ever had an idea or big goal that you were really excited about? You might have even spent some time researching the different ways you could accomplish it, or dreamt about the results you would see. You felt excited, motivated and ready to go but then life happens. A few days pass and the excitement has worn off and now all you see is work ahead of you and the goal suddenly seems more daunting. You might even find that self- doubt has decided to creep in and you start comparing yourself to others, overthinking what needs to be done and all of a sudden that goal seems to far out of reach. You become unmotivated, uninspired and lose sight of why you wanted to accomplish the goal in the first place, and just like that it’s gone.

We've all been there.

Life Overhaul is a 1-on-1 experience with me where I will you give a friendly (but strong) push to get you motivated and encouraged to finally accomplish the goals you have always put on the back burner.

The program is based around five main pillars (Health, Personal Growth, Business/Career, Finance, & Life vision/goals) and I believe to succeed in one of the pillars you need to be balanced in all five. Many times we have one big goal and will focus all our energy into it and it eventually overtakes everything else in our life. I am here to help you discover, create, and then break down these large goals into smaller, realistic tasks that can easily be achieved, all the while still growing and improving in every other aspect of your life.

This program is designed in way that will be unique to each individual who joins, and together we will work to create 1-3 big goals (this varies with each person) that will be worked on throughout the 6 weeks. Each week we will focus our attention on one of the five pillars, creating a small goal for each pillar, and ultimately bettering ourselves each week. The best part of Life Overhaul is that you will have someone (me) whose only job is to focus on keeping you accountable, make sure you are maximizing your time, efficiency, and help bring clarity to what you really want and a solid plan on how to actually achieve it.

Joining Life Overhaul is an investment in creating an incredible lifestyle that feels authentic to you. You’ll finally believe in the life you were meant for, on your own terms, and doing it in the most time-efficient, thrilling way possible. I know that you will come out of this course a different person and I look forward to being a part of your exciting journey

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“Working with Stacie was the best decision I made this year for my life and my personal business. If you're deciding on whether or not to work with her, just do it. You'll thank yourself later. Stacie has helped me completely transform my business in every way. She has such a unique skill set ranging from finance, budgeting and accounting, to artistic direction, organization and goal setting. She's also one of the warmest and most supportive people ever. I felt like I could go to her at any time of day and she had very practical, innovative ideas to give me. Since working with her, I've at least 5x my monthly income, I've pushed through my personal fear and self doubt to launch projects I was always too scared to do before, I have a clear plan for the future and I feel more excited and relaxed about my business than ever before. I used to get so caught up in self-doubt and procrastination and my lack of organization and planning was severely holding me back. Stacie has helped me gain a newfound confidence in managing my photography business, and it's great to also watch my bank account grow due to her advice and knowledge. Don't hesitate. She's worth her rate and so much more!” - Carly Dame, @carlydame

"I came across this program at a point in my life where I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the tasks I wanted to accomplish in both my personal and business life. Running a small business can be very challenging especially when you work from home and managing your time and goals can be a constant struggle. Stacie's 6 week program allowed me to take time to focus on some neglected personal goals and make some positive changes in my life. She has a warm and caring nature and is very approachable making her a great coach to work with. I have come out the program feeling more inspired and motivated in my business work and finally feel like I have some more balance with both work and personal life." - Taran Mullhi, @maharicollection

“This program is exactly what I was looking for! I recently graduated and am working full time but felt lost and disconnected from my life. I felt like I had no time to do the things I loved, but I also couldn't figure out where all my time was being spent. After working with Stacie I was able to figure out how I was spending my time, how I WANTED to spend my time, and worked with her to set up a schedule and goals to start focusing back onto the things I love doing. I now feel that I have control with my life, finances and actually more time available even though I have added in more activities. I encourage anyone who is feeling unmotivated, lost, or unsatisfied with their life to work with Stacie and this program. It will help give you the kickstart to regain control, accomplish the goals you've been putting off, and live a life you truly love!"

"I have a busy business but was lost when it came to finances and organizing my time properly. I knew that I needed to be better at time management, setting up a schedule and keeping my bookkeeping in order but I was so overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. I was so happy when I saw Stacie offering this program and jumped at the opportunity to take part. Stacie was so sweet, kind, and so patient with me! She completely understood how I was feeling, was able to logically talk me through all the tasks and goals I wanted to achieve and together we set up a actionable plan on how to achieve these. Sometimes what you need is an outside person to give you their straightforward opinion with no fluff! Now that the program is done, I feel way more organized, I feel like I have solid goals in place and a plan to achieve them, and I don't cringe thinking about my business bookkeeping."