Mini Life Reset - 2019

Hello beautiful humans!

Like many people around this time of the year I wrote a list of all the goals I want to achieve in all areas of my life (personal, business, fitness, art, relationships, etc), yet its January 8th as I write this and I really haven’t made that made changes to have my best year yet.

I’ve realized how can I moved forward when I haven’t cleared out the past. Before I can jump into my goals for this year and really try to make changes in my life I need to do a mini life reset. What’s a life reset you might ask? Great question! A life reset is where you go through all areas of your life and declutter/organize to be able to move forward with a fresh, clean start. I’m calling this a mini reset because it only scratches the surface of completely decluttering and organizing your life.

In the next few weeks I’ll be releasing the date of a full reset challenge that I’m going to be putting on for anyone and everyone that wants to deep clean their life, house and mind and really start to live a simpler, clean, organized life.

But for now, here are the steps I took last weekend to complete my mini reset for 2019.

STEP 1 - Write a goodbye letter to 2018

If you haven’t done this already, I highly suggest this be the first thing you do to help clear out 2018 and to start 2019 with a clean and light mind. You can check out my last blog post where i got personal about how 2018 was for me, and what I am doing to move on from it. I also help guide you to write your own goodbye letter and why I think it is beneficial for everyone to do this.

STEP 2 - Clean Your Space

I don’t know about you, but it is so hard for me to be productive when I wake up and my room is a mess, the kitchen is dirty or there is just stuff everywhere. Since I work from home it’s especially important to make sure that the space I am working in is inviting and clutter free.

This step is more a surface clean and not a whole declutter/organization/deep clean (don’t worry, that will be coming soon). The goal is to wake up and be able to start your day in a fresh, calm, light space. To do this, start at one end of your house and work your way to the back. Clean off your kitchen counters, go through your fridge and finally throw away that leftover pasta that now has a side of mold on it, put the clothes away that have been sitting on your floor for the past 3 weeks, get rid of the old magazines/newspapers that you will never read again, etc.

Your space has a huge influence on how you feel and it has been shown that if your space is messy and cluttered, it will raise your stress levels and can cause you to become less productive. And let’s be honest, the last thing we need is more stress and more distractions in our lives.

STEP 3 - Life Admin

To Do List

You know that “to do list” that you’ve had for the past few months, or maybe you write a new one out for each week, but somehow there are a few items that never get crossed off and continue to get transferred week to week. Well now is the time to do them!

Usually these are tasks that aren’t the most enjoyable, maybe they are boring, maybe they aren’t something that needs to be done in order to live, but something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. That’s okay, we all have them. Why not put on some good music, carve out a few hours, afternoon or even full day if needed and check these suckers off your list. You’re going to feel so good to finally draw a line through these tasks and not have to re-write them out yet again.

Tip: While you are going through these tasks keep a notepad and pen by you to jot down any extra items that might pop into your head that you want to accomplish for your fresh start.

Example of some things that might be on your list:

- Paying off all your bills

- Cleaning out your “junk” drawer

- Going through the shoe bin and getting rid of ones that no longer serve you

- Bringing your donation boxes to the goodwill store

- Cleaning out/organizing your email inbox

- Emptying and washing the inside of your cupboards or fridge

Audio & Visual

For most people, your phone and computer are probably the two most used items you own, and for me personally, when I open either of those up and the first thing I see is clutter, random screenshots, photos from 2016 taking up space, apps that I don’t use anymore, etc. it can cause some stress. I love taking some time to go through both my phone and computer and clearing up space for the new year.

To reset audio I spent some time going through my music library, podcasts and audiobooks to get rid of all the music I don’t listen to anymore, and removed any audiobooks/podcasts that I had already listened to.  

This helps not only free up space for new music and audio files, but you also might find some hidden podcasts or audiobooks that you wanted to listen to but never got around to it in 2018.

Tip: Try the 1-in-1-out rule. Before downloading any new audiobooks or podcasts, make it a habit to listen to those books/podcasts you already have. Once you are done these, you can remove them from your devices and replace them with a new file. This will help keep your devices clutter free, and you’ll start to feel excited about being able to choose a new file to download.

For visual start with your phone and get rid of all apps you no longer use, clear old photos/videos to your computer or hard drive, get rid of old files you’ve downloaded over the past year and delete numbers out of your phone that you no longer need.

On your computer, clear your desktop. Organize your photos into folders, delete any old music, videos, etc and get rid of any programs that you don’t use but are taking up space.

Tip: Change your background to a new photo, something that you love, is inspiring, or just generally nice to look at.

Tip: To help start your day off right when using your computer, download the extension Momentum. This extension delivers gorgeous photos, an inspirational quote, the weather, addresses you by name and has a spot for you to write what task you are working on to help keep you focused throughout the day.

STEP 4 - Goals & Habits

Goals and habits are such a BIG topic, and you can find so much material on how to create the perfect goals, set great habits, on and on, and yes I will most likely write my own post for this but for now here is a little mini goal setting exercise for you.

Write down all the goals you had set out for 2018 and cross off the ones that you accomplished (take a moment to congratulate yourself). Next I want you to look at the goals you didn’t get to and reevaluate them. Is it a goal you still want to achieve? If yes, why didn’t you do it last year? You might need to adjust the goal and make it more reasonable, or fit it into how your life is today.

Now go through all areas of your life, business/career, health (mental/physical), travel, hobbies, etc and write down a few goals for each category. From there look at your goals and narrow down the ones that you are drawn back to again and again. From here try to break this goal into smaller goals that you can accomplish daily, weekly etc which will help bring you to actually achieving these goals by the end of 2019.

I’d love to hear how you did with these steps and what else you do to help reset your life to take on the new year!

Talk soon,